“A young mother discovers that she has breast cancer and reluctantly attends a support group during chemotherapy treatment. The group consists of six breast cancer survivors that band together to take on more than just their cancer and its side effects. They face death and take on life! They find new meaning for their lives through love and laughter. The play is both a comedy and a tragedy. Comedy is how many of the members deal with the tragedy of cancer. It underlines the tremendous and relentless spirit of breast cancer survivors. Cancer is nothing to laugh about – but you can choose to laugh at it!”

The breakdown of the characters follows:

Judith (Jodi Ragner) is a busy soccer mom who finally stops putting off that mammogram only to find that she now has stage 3 cancer. She fights to hold on to her old life while cancer and the support group tug her in new directions.

Winnie (Karen Sherman) is a spirited working woman who has dealt with many struggles in her life before cancer including an addiction to cocaine. Winnie sees things ‘as they are’ and fights to cut through defenses and fears and get to the truth. All the while holding her own truth from the world.

Doris (Susan T. Hessel) is a slightly oversexed, brash, no-holds-barred Southern gal. She likes to talk about herself and she will be happy to talk your ear off. Doris aptly describes herself as crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.

Peace (Jessica Burnett) is a new age earth child. She listens to her inner princess and channels chi rather than sending prayers. In a past life, Peace was Marilyn Monroe’s grandmother. For all her spaciness, Peace shows that the world is a bigger and more wonderful place than the others realize.

Nancy (Bonnie Joe Bratina) is the founder of the support group and the maternal figure in the play. She likes to keep things running by the book and doesn’t like it when Winnie attempts to do things in an ‘unconventional’ manner.

Karen (Colleen Gran) is suffering not only from breast cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy, she is also having to deal with the fact that her husband has left her and taken all of their money. She is ready to give up when the group throws her a lifeline.