London, 1850.  Oliver Twist (Killian Harnish) is born in a workhouse where he works under the supervision of Widow Corney (Emily Kimball) and Mr. Bumble (Jeff Copsey), the beadle.  His greed for wanting ‘more’ leads him to be sold to Mr. Sowerberry (Mitch Langreck), the undertaker.  Sowerberry’s family (Denise Probert Bloom, Miranda Sanchez, Bryar Hansen) does not take to Oliver, so he runs away to London where he falls in with the crafty and cunning Fagin (Rolf Samuels), and is introduced to his gang of thieves and pickpockets.  Oliver is wrongly accused of picking a gentleman’s pocket, actually committed by the Artful Dodger (Levi Spagl), and is taken into custody.  The victim of the theft, Mr. Brownlow (Rick Jackson), takes Oliver into his home after Oliver is cleared.  He is recaptured by Nancy (Valentina Sales) and her villainous boyfriend, Bill Sykes (Tom Wright), and returned to Fagin’s gang.  Meanwhile, Oliver’s true parentage is revealed through an unsuccessful blackmail attempt by Corney and Bumble.  Nancy later tries to return Oliver to the wealthy Mr. Brownlow, but is murdered by Sykes.  Sykes pays for his life of crime, and Oliver is returned to the Brownlow home.

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