Synopsis of "Morning's at Seven"

This comedy focuses on four elderly sisters involved in some humorous situations that arise from living in close proximity to one another. Two of the sisters, Ida (Jan McCune) and Cora (Vicki Elwood), live with their respective spouses, Carl (Bob Allen) and Thor (Ken E. Brown), in homes with adjoining backyards. An older sister, Esther (Deb White), whose intellectual husband David (Bob Pitel) detests his in-laws, lives just down the road. A fourth sister, Aaronetta  (Tami Rae Weiss), has lived with Cora and Thor for the past 40 years.  To Ida’s house comes Myrtle (Lisa K. Adams), a spinster friend who’s been about to marry Ida’s son Homer (Tom Wright) for many years. But Homer can’t break away from home long enough to pop the question. Myrtle, now at an age where she feels she’ll have to take things into her own hands, finally makes him propose by telling him a secret. The fretful crises and eccentricities of this dysfunctional family makes for an evening of delightful surprises.

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